Look no further for a well-socialized, well-behaved puppy!

Most experts agree that the critical socialization period for puppies closes between the ages of 3-4 months- so the clock is ticking! To set your puppy up for a full, happy life, take advantage of this limited time with our Puppy Prep package.

Puppy Prep Package (online)

  • Socialization & Aggression Prevention: Raise a puppy who loves people, other animals, being handled, new places and experiences, and sharing toys and food.
  • Puppy Manners: For a polite, house-trained puppy. Teach your pup to sit to say hello, come when you call, and keep his teeth to himself.

Initial 1.5 hour private consult via Zoom: $275 (waived for puppy class students)

6 1-hour online training sessions: $780

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Looking for puppy classes?

Online Puppy Class

Looking for help getting your puppy out on walks during the workday? We are able to provide dog walking and training with certain precautions in place.

Puppy walking