DogKind Training

Puppy raising is hard! Let us help.

There’s so much to do during those first precious weeks with a new puppy. Socialization to new people, places, sights and sounds, teaching your puppy to be comfortable with vet care and grooming, not to mention crate training, potty training… the list seems endless. Our trainers will help you make the most of these early weeks, and break up long workdays.

Puppy Lunch ‘n Learn

Our trainers will take your puppy on socialization field trips and make sure your pup has positive experiences with lots of new places and people. They’ll also do important aggression prevention exercises. Visit length depends on socialization outing location, but averages 1.5 hours.

5 days per week for 3 weeks: $1500
3 days per week for 3 weeks: $900
2 days per week for 3 weeks: $600