DogKind Training

Help for your fearful, reactive, or aggressive dog or puppy

Does your dog growl and bark at visitors? Lunge at other dogs? Refuse to leave the house for walks? We’ll guide you through a training and support plan to change your fearful dog’s behavior. 

In-Home Training (online)

  • We develop a personalized training plan for you and your dog, then guide you throughout the training process.
  • Initial 1.5 hour private consult: $325
  • Short initial consult (20 minutes): $47
  • Half-hour sessions (packages vary depending on your goals): $100 each.

Online Training Membership: Reactive Dog Academy

If you don’t need one-on-one training, or if private training isn’t in your budget, our new monthly training membership could be the right solution for you. This program is brand new and opening soon.