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Hiking With Your Fearful or Reactive Dog

Do you dream of relaxing hikes with your reactive dog, but you’re not sure if it’s in the cards?  In this week’s video we talked about how to tell if your reactive or fearful dog is ready to start hiking with you.  

Topics we covered included:

1) How can you tell if your dog wants to go hiking at all?  Hint: you’ll look at your dog’s behavior and body language.

2) How do you choose where to hike?  Both location and timing are important. 

3)  What supplies should have you with you when hiking with your reactive dog?  You’ll need a few extras in addition to the usual water, poop bags, and leash.

4)  What can you do when you spot an off-leash dog?  We give you several strategies to try, depending on how far the dog is from you. 

If you’d like a written summary of what we covered, we have a BRAND NEW free resource for you!  Check out our new guide to hiking with fearful and reactive dogs HERE.

 If you enjoy hiking with your dog, or have questions or concerns about the tips we’ve shared, we want to hear from you.  Join our Facebook group and post your questions or comments there, or comment below.

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