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Jack Russell Terrier dog ready to go for a walk

Gear for Walking Reactive Dogs

What gear do you use for walking your reactive dog? Could you use some upgrades? The right equipment should be comfortable for your dog, and for you, to use, be secure, sturdy, and make it easier to manage your dog if he lunges.

The right gear can not only make your walks easier on you, but is important for safety. Especially if you have a large, strong dog, it’s a good idea to have backup walking gear on them in case of equipment failure.  Even the best products have some risk of fabric fraying, metal rings bending or breaking, or a clip coming apart. 

This week we show you our go-to walking gear setup for reactive dogs. You have some choices when it comes to harness type, number of leashes, whether to use a leash belt, and more. We also show you one product we carry to deter loose dogs from approaching. You can find links to products we like here. (Tip: disable ad blockers for this page to properly view the links.)

Questions about the right gear for your dog? Or are you struggling with fitting the equipment you have properly? We’d love to field your questions in our free Fearful and Reactive Dog Support Community on Facebook. 

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