DogKind Training

Join our live online classes & courses from the comfort of your home

Online Private Training

Private Training

No matter the behavior problem, we can help. We’ll start with an initial consultation, and then build a training plan just for you. Private, one on one, custom online training for adult dogs.

Online Group Training

Life Skills

Does your dog pull you down the street on walks? Pester you while you’re trying to work or cook dinner? Jump up on people? Ignore you when you call? We have focused online topic classes for most common behavior problems.

Classes for Kids

Do you have a child 7 years or older who loves to play with their dog? Our kids’ classes will teach your child and their dog fun tricks and appropriate ways of interacting that encourages good behavior in both of them.

Fun and Enrichment

Is your dog bored? Barking, chewing, or pestering you while you try to work? We offer online courses on at-home enrichment.

Reactive dog basics

Does your dog lunge and bark at other dogs on walks? Our online course for reactive dogs will help you develop the skills you need to make your walks more pleasant.

Scent Work

All dogs love to sniff! Put your dog’s nose to work with at-home scent games that will stimulate their minds, and tire them out even when you can’t get them out for long