DogKind Training

Dog walking and sitting plus personalized training and care  when you’re too busy to train.

Does your dog pull on leash, bark and lunge at other dogs, or have other problems behaviors you’d work on, if only you weren’t so busy?  Let us do the training for you. 

Walk and Train Packages

  • Reactive Dog Package (for fearful or reactive dogs):  Package of 12 training walks (2 or more visits per week).  $1380  
  • Basic Manners Package (for dogs who jump up or pull on leash): Package of 8 training walks (2 or more visits per week).  $950
  • All new client packages include training summary video every 3 sessions to show you how to maintain your dog’s new behaviors!
* Dogs must be in their harnesses and left in the backyard for pickup by our trainers. We use careful hand sanitizing protocols, and our own leashes that are washed between visits.

If you are new to Dogkind LLC, an online initial training consult may be required.

Stay and Train (currently not available)

  • Single visit for current clients (in backyard, or in home if no one is home) $80/hour
  • Packages vary based on need

* Rates increase on major holidays

If you are new to Dogkind LLC, an initial training consult may be required.

Puppy Lunch 'n Learn

Our trainers will take your puppy on socialization adventures, and train important life skills like politely greeting new people, and enjoying nail trims and vet visits. Visit length depends on socialization outing location, but averages 1.5 hours.

Looking for puppy sitting and socialization?

Dog holding leash for walk

If you’re in need of dog walking and sitting services in the Davis, CA area, you should contact us!

We also have a variety of virtual services to help your dog thrive.